Our Services

We specialize in energy consulting, engineering design, energy efficiency, audit, and training. Also, we are offering a research project and products to improve energy performance.

Energy Consulting

We offer our customers a comprehensive understanding of the technical, economic, commercial, and political aspects in the Mongolian energy sector. We will be pleased to help you realize your projects.

  • Feasibility study
  • Project management
  • Energy efficiency technology
  • Engineering testing and inspection
  • Boiler and turbine testing and inspection
Energy Consulting
Energy efficiency and audit

Energy efficiency and audit

Regarding energy efficiency, we offer our expertise in the field of technology as well as product- and action-related concepts. This ranges from topics of efficiency enhancement in the district heating system and its substation, buildings energy, energy saving potential, power stations to Smart Technology products through to the construction of market-based incentive systems. Addition, we create an audit for energy efficiency.

  • Energy saving potential
  • Energy audit
  • Energy efficiency
  • Green Building, GHG emission reduction
  • Smart metering system
  • Heat pump system

Engineering design

  • Engineering design drawing
  • Environmental engineering
  • BFD, PFD and P&ID
Engineering design


Nomadic New Energy provides professional training for persons interested in the engineering project field, approach, and principle.

We provide training courses based on our research experience, knowledge, and skills by integrating up to date research and engineering fundamental theory and design, including the energy sector all field analysis methods with the best international standard.

Our training course include some or all of the following topics:

  • Thermal power plant and its main equipment
  • Principle of Block flow, process flow and P&ID diagram
  • The measurement and instrumentation and sensor
  • Combustion process
  • Boiler and turbine control system
  • District heating system etc.

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